Choosing the Correct Type of Coffee Maker for Your Needs

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Fantastic coffee is regarded as an absolute must for a high number of consumers. But in these times of financial concern, lovers of fantastic coffee are becoming more discerning and frugal and are abandoning the daily buy in the big chains in favor of preparing their own at home they can then take with them to function.

Though buying a coffee maker for your home could be considered an extravagance, if you’re a coffee lover then the purchase could pay for itself in a really short time. By buying a state of the art domestic machine, the actual coffee lover can ensure there’s no compromise on the quality of the favourite beverage.

Kitchen appliance manufacturers continually create new models at competitive rates. They give the domestic user lots of the features previously contained only in commercial machines and always great excellent coffee in a fraction of the purchase price of high street coffee chains.

A simple online search exemplifies how many tens of thousands of versions are now available to the home user.

Overawed by the choice? Well there’s absolutely no need to be. As soon as you realize the kinds of coffee maker available, it considerably reduces the info you will need to trawl to discover the perfect one for you.

Coffee makers come in just 5 types:

1. Bean to Cup or Automatic
2. Capsule and Pod
3. Filter
4. Nespresso
5. Manual or Espresso

Bean to Cup or Automated

These are inclined to represent the best end for the home industry. Ground coffee or beans may both be utilised in a number of these models. The on board grinder will grind the beans, if that’s your taste, the coffee is then brewed directly into a cup and the used grinds ejected to a container. Constructed in frothers are also a characteristic of several of these coffee makers. The frother pushes steam throughout the milk and this allows the consumer to produce perfect Cappuccinos.

Capsule or Pod

Capsules and pods contain a quantified amount of freshly ground coffee. It’s contained either in a perforated filter bag that’s comparable to a teabag, or in a vacuum packed capsule. Differing strengths of coffee can be found to suit all preferences. The capsule or pod is easily inserted into the machine and discarded at the end. Many users prefer this system because there are not any used grounds or messy residue to clean up and no half used bags of coffee open to the elements.


If your taste is a simple cup of great coffee, or you will need to make more than 1 cup at a time, then a filter system is probably great for you. There are many sizes available that will make 10, 12 or even up to 16 cups at a time.


This is one of the most popular way of preparing coffee. There are many manufacturers offering this sort of coffee maker. It’s a machine made especially to accommodate the capsules optimized by Nestle. The way these versions work is by piercing the capsule and forcing hot water through it to make the espresso. The coffee created by a Nespresso machine is always great quality, comes in an assortment of tastes and strengths and is hassle free and mess free. The capsules contain only enough coffee for one shot and they remain fresh for up to nine months. Admittedly these machines probably create the most expensive domestic coffee, it’s though, still not as expensive than that available from high street.


This is the epitome of the coffee fans idea of a coffee maker. They’re steam driven machines which produce a very powerful, short, black coffee, however, it’s also the name for the way of making coffee. Espresso is the foundation for a number of the favourite recipes like Cappuccino, latte or Americano.

These machines are often called pump machines. They incorporate the traditional way of preparing espresso. A filter holder is full of ground espresso, the filter is then secured into the machine. The pump forces hot water, under pressure, through the grounds. They offer a high level of control which permit the coffee lover to earn the coffee to their preferred strength.

This most traditional kind of coffee maker is possibly the most cost effective way of preparing fresh coffee to the manufacturers own desired flavor and strength, especially if used in combination with a contemporary coffee grinder to prepare new demand coffee grounds.

To sum up, if you like the notion of creating your own Barista abilities, or experimentation with differing amounts or strengths, using grounds and beans or simply like to tinker with kitchen gadgets, then the floor coffee Espresso or bean to cup machines should fit comfortably into your lifestyle. But if you prefer that there’s no mess to clean up and the coffee is measured out for you, then a Pod, Capsule, or Nespresso manufacturer is most likely the ideal option. Finally, if you will need to prepare quite a few cups simultaneously, at work by way of instance, then maybe a filter system is most suited to your requirements.

Well, for those who have some idea of which kind of coffee maker is most suited to your taste, you merely have to choose which of the producers you would like to purchase from.


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